Why Some Bisexuals Struggle With Mental Health?


Why some bisexuals struggle with mental health issues is a question that has baffled many psychologists and therapists. The most common answer is that these people have a gender identity that differs from their sexual orientation. Although many in the bisexual community would disagree, this difference does exist and in fact can be one of the causes of their mental health issues. If they can learn to manage and accept their sexual identity, it might not matter that they are bi-curious after all.

When some bisexuals do develop mental health issues, it might be caused by their family of origin. If they grew up in a household with only one female or male member, they may not feel accepted for who they really are. Bisexuality was not always something that were openly discussed in families, but now that same-sex marriages are becoming more widespread throughout society, there are more households with two or more members who identify as bisexual. Because of this, they might feel trapped and might turn to alcohol or drugs to escape the pain they are feeling. However, being bisexual is not an excuse to abuse substances.

In fact, it’s a reason why some bisexuals suffer from substance abuse problems because they don’t feel like they fit in with the rest of their family. Because of this, they might try to convince themselves that their attraction to someone of the same sex is not something that is real. This means that they are trying to block out their sexuality, and in doing so, might be causing serious problems for themselves. If they get into arguments with someone over this fact, it can lead to serious issues that can cause them to suffer from depression, especially if they’re not willing to seek help. Bisexuals need to deal with their sexuality on their own terms, without using the excuse of “it’s just a phase” when things get uncomfortable.

Another common reason why some bisexuals grapple with mental health issues is that they have Bipolar Disorder. While it is common for all of us to occasionally feel depressed or angry, we must remember that people with Bipolar Disorder do have manic episodes, even severe mania episodes. People with Bipolar Disorder experience rapid changes in mood, energy, and activity levels, which can be extremely difficult for them to handle. For this reason, it’s important that you encourage your bisexual partner to seek treatment if you think it is necessary for them. Doing so will allow them to live a much better life, and to get the treatment they need to treat their Bipolar Disorder and get back to living a normal life.

One of the most common reasons why some people struggle with mental health issues is because they are trying to fit in with the gender they identify with. People often try to alter their appearance and their behavior to make them fit in with their preferred gender, but this can lead to serious problems that might affect their mental health. If you know someone who is struggling with a mental health issue because they are trying to be more “lady like” or more “hetty,” try to support them in other ways, such as by helping them to find a support group for people who are dealing with similar issues.

Understanding some of the reasons why some people struggle with mental health is important. People who are dealing with Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, and other similar conditions might not realize that there is help available for them. The good news is, there is. Getting treatment early can help prevent serious mental health problems from developing later on in life.

Date: July 2, 2021

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